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My Headache is Named Your Mom and Other Silly Things

After a hiatus from writing, chapter two has officially begun and I’m still really excited about the book. I still don’t have a title yet, but with only a chapter and a half hand-written of a first draft I’m not … Continue reading

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Legos Are Far Superior to Your Easy Bake Crap

This time of year, I’m usually geeking out over all of the music that’s getting released before the holiday season. It generally starts in early September and goes buck wild until mid-December. This year, however, I’ve counted six albums that … Continue reading

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The Sun Also Rises Elsewhere

A Valiant Effort has taken a backseat.  It was a nice idea, and I might pick it up later, but in the meantime, work on the book is progressing quite nicely.  Currently, it is titled Hands in the Sky (Big … Continue reading

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