The Sun Also Rises Elsewhere

A Valiant Effort has taken a backseat.  It was a nice idea, and I might pick it up later, but in the meantime, work on the book is progressing quite nicely.  Currently, it is titled Hands in the Sky (Big Shot), after the Straylight Run song, but it will be changing at some point.  Its just a working title.  I’m trying to keep tight-lipped about the whole thing, but as news continues, you can find out all about it here.

Meanwhile, you can read the first monthly interview that Mourning Goats posted back on Friday with Stephen Elliott (HERE), or you can read the latest Velvet Podcast (HERE), or go see The Social Network, and brag to me and ruin the ending.

I’m hoping to make this site look a little less like a stock blog, so if someone is interested in helping out, I’d greatly appreciate it.

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