Legos Are Far Superior to Your Easy Bake Crap

This time of year, I’m usually geeking out over all of the music that’s getting released before the holiday season. It generally starts in early September and goes buck wild until mid-December. This year, however, I’ve counted six albums that I could give two poops about? There was the Linkin Park and Jimmy Eat World albums that came out last month. Linkin Park‘s A Thousand Suns album I can’t stop talking about. This month sees Kings of Leon and Senses Fail albums being released (Kings of Leon Come Around Sundown album I heard yesterday and its pretty good) next Tuesday.

And November has the new My Chemical Romance album, and I might check out Cee Lo Green‘s The Lady Killer just out of curiosity. So, six, six albums total have at the very least sparked an interest. And yet we still wonder why the music industry is tanking? Years ago I could sit and fill a page with all of the music I wanted for Christmas and now, not so much. And don’t go pointing fingers at my steadily increasing age. That’s horse-hockey. I’m still finding new and surprising artists (Black Keys and Mumford & Sons I’m looking at you this year). Although, there is a lot about pop culture that I don’t quite “get” anymore. A lot of it just seems thrown together anymore and heralded as genius.

And toys don’t make much sense to me anymore. They all seem to be big and clunky and cheaply made, but still cost you an arm and a leg, and possibly even various parts of your soul. Legos, for instance, have gone to the dogs. Sets are boring and so easy anymore. That is, unless, you go to their website and buy the “special edition” sets that cost a paycheck or two, like the Grand Emporium that costs $150! That’s pure insanity!

But, I am excited about books! That’s right, boring old books are exciting again. Now that we’re nearing the end of the vampire craze that has swept the youth of the nation, we can get back to true, honest story-telling. Stories about two headed girls, and zombies that have evil bunnyheads, and normal things of that nature. I’m excited for In The Meantime, It Came from Del Rio, and Ones that Got Away, a collection of short stories from Paul G. Tremblay, and a novel and collection of short stories from Stephen Graham Jones, respectively. AND both authors are expected to be interviewed by Mourning Goats rather soon (Jones’ interview will be posted on Friday from what we hear).

So, that’s what I want for Christmas. I want books. And gift cards to buy more books. So, don’t ask me. I’m far too busy working on my own book (Chapter two begins today) and playing games.

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