My Headache is Named Your Mom and Other Silly Things

After a hiatus from writing, chapter two has officially begun and I’m still really excited about the book. I still don’t have a title yet, but with only a chapter and a half hand-written of a first draft I’m not really worried about it. As far as what it’s about, I have created a world, a premise that changes the face of day to day life, and the main character wakes up a few hours behind the old eight ball. I don’t want to get any more specific than that, because as cheesy as it may sound, the story, like many if not all, are living, breathing things, especially stories being written. So, today I could tell you what the story is about and then tomorrow it could be totally and completely different. I had an outline and then trashed it, I was afraid I’d be forcing the story. I want it to come out naturally and forcing it wouldn’t make writing the damn thing nearly as fun for me, so this way, the story has the ability to change and evolve.

Today, In The Meantime, by Paul Tremblay is out and available. Here’s the description given by the publisher (ChiZine Publications):

A history teacher begins his unorthodox senior course with clips from an ominous surveillance video, causing a student’s home life to deteriorate along with the lessons.

A girl with a second head that changes into different historical and fictional identities tries to find her father while figuring out how to handle Mom and the book club.

A blog documents society’s slow, unexplained, but inexorable end, or is it only a collection of pixel-sized paranoia?

A once-awkward teen holes up in a kiddie-themed amusement park after the end of the world, and schemes to take Cinderella’s Castle by force.

This collection by Paul G. Tremblay (author of The Little Sleep and No Sleep Till Wonderland) features fifteen stories of fear and paranoia, stories of apocalypses both societal and personal, and stories of longing and coping.

Also, has released their second interview of their bi-weekly series. This edition is with Stephen Graham Jones, where they talk about Stephen’s upcoming novel, It Came from Del Rio and more! You can see Stephen holding the proof of his upcoming book cover here. It is one of the sexiest book covers in the history of time.

There are borders and then there are borders. Between right and wrong. Between Texas and Mexico. The first is a joke to Dodd Raines, the second a payday. Then there’s the borders he’s made. Between himself and his estranged daughter, the border patrol agent. Between himself and his one-time employers. And there’s another border, one he cares about even less than the Rio Grande: the border between life and death. Used to, the shadow Dodd Raines cast when he stood dripping from that water – it was the shadow of a fugitive. But now that fugitive’s coming home, and the shadow he’s casting? It’s got rabbit ears. Listen, you can hear the chupacabras padding along beside him – their new master. He’s that big guy in the hood, slouching out by the gas pumps. Walking north, for justice. Austin’s never seen anything like Dodd Raines, and never will again.

Order: In The Meantime AND/orIt Came from Del Rio

I have a headache. Be good.

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