Upcoming Future Endevours Coming Soon in the Tomorrow World

So, I volunteered to edit (and record) The Velvet Podcast‘s tenth episode as well as participate in said episode. The recording didn’t work out so well on my end, but that’s fine, because a couple other fine gents took care of that. At any rate, I’ve forgotten how difficult dealing with Audacity can be, but its coming along. A very small (and unimportant (my personal introduction)) part of the episode has to be rerecorded and then I’ll be pasting that into the beginning. I’ll be posting that very soon.

The book, still currently titled Hands in the Sky (Big Shot), is still in progress and going well if I do say so myself. Life’s done a great job of getting in the way, but there’s enough stupid people in this world (especially those in charge) that make me shake my head enough, “thusly” keeping me inspired and motivated to put them all on blast in a glorious piece of fiction where almost everyone dies. Retiring from reviews helps with the progress, I suppose. And that’s fine too, because really, there hasn’t been too too much worth reviewing.

Is this what you were talking about, Mike?

I also want to get back into writing and getting a few short stories published when I’m stalled out on the book. Look for that, whenever that happens, I’ll let you know.

Get The Ones that Got Away and It Came from Del Rio by Stephen Graham Jones, and while you’re at it, buy In the Mean Time by Paul Tremblay for yourself and loved ones.

Too, a number of other friends have books coming out in ’11, so prepare for the pimping of those books soon.

Stay blessed, not stressed.
Word count on the novel: 2569 typed, far more handwritten.

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