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Major Inversions – Gordon Highland

Drew Ballard is a dealer. By day he dresses in a uniform with a badge and stands in a courthouse, handing out the warm security of a watchman scanning through everyone’s personal items, their clothing, and their intentions. At night … Continue reading

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Essence of Celebrity: by Calvin Klein

In perfect Ferg-fashion I urinated all over the deadline by two days and finally only just submitted “Inside Out.” I would like to thank the following people for their valuable input into the molding of an idea that was originally … Continue reading

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To the Reader Goes the Spoils (I Suppose)

Finally, I’ve finished something, which is a minor check mark in the old New Years Resolution checklist. The short story, pending any edits and/or suggestions you or anyone else may have, is finished and will be submitted in a few … Continue reading

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Tuesday, You’ve Been a Stinker Poo Poo Face

So I wake up with the rumblies, followed by the cellphone deciding it was going to overheat and be a butthole. Follow that with the Jeep not starting right away and then any and all attempts to thwart a bad … Continue reading

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2011: Making 2010 Look Like a Hot Mess (Like It Needed My Help)

Let’s be serious for a moment, 2010 was a year long nightmare. It seems like everything that could have gone wrong did on so many levels and in so many ways, and I don’t just mean personally. But it is … Continue reading

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