Tuesday, You’ve Been a Stinker Poo Poo Face

So I wake up with the rumblies, followed by the cellphone deciding it was going to overheat and be a butthole. Follow that with the Jeep not starting right away and then any and all attempts to thwart a bad time with my cellphone falling short. I was off to a great start when work decided to be less than stellar on top of it all. Good riddance I say to you, Tuesday. You’re like that ex-girlfriend with the lisp, the one that told all of your friends that she was pregnant before you managed to get your zipper up. Yea, that girlfriend.

Laura we all miss you (Not really, please choke.).

Anyway, forget all of that and celebrate the fact that the first draft of my short story that is due on the 15th of this month is now finished. It is time to type it up, read it, revise it, cut it by like 25%, revise it, and send it out for someone else to edit it before I submit it. Good times. Very good times. Oh, and the title is “Inside Out” thus far, but I want it to be something else entirely before too much longer (READ: tomorrow). Its going to be a part of The Velvet Anthology which you can get your own e-copy of by going HERE and participating in the redesign of The Velvet. OR, you could get your very own personalized 100 word story written for you by one of the members of The Velvet (including yours truly, if you’re into that sort of thing). HERE‘s an example of what you could expect, a piece that Chris Deal wrote for Craig Wallwork called “Exile.”

That’s all. I just wanted to gloat and bitch and share: THIS.

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