To the Reader Goes the Spoils (I Suppose)

Finally, I’ve finished something, which is a minor check mark in the old New Years Resolution checklist. The short story, pending any edits and/or suggestions you or anyone else may have, is finished and will be submitted in a few days for The Velvet Anthology. You can get The Velvet Anthology as a part of their fundraiser to finish giving their website the face lift that’s already begun, HERE. I’m going to be taking the story down Sunday night since the few readers I actually have will probably hit on it by then. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or concerns you may have about the story below. And as always, enjoy!

Inside Out

Stay tuned for my thoughts on the upcoming Cage the Elephant album Thank You Happy Birthday that comes out on Tuesday.

Be sure to check out the websites of the writers I’ve posted to the right. They’re a good lot with a lot of neat-o stuff to say.

Now that short story is mostly out of the way it is time to focus back on the novel a bit. I’ve got four other writer’s work to critique in the process (it is part of the agreement to take part in the workshop), and I’m pretty excited about all of that. I’ll let you know how all of that is going. If you’re out in this snow, please be careful. If you can’t drive because the white stuff just shuts that part of your brain off, despite the fact that its only an inch or two, go home, go to bed, and don’t come back out until May.

And in case you haven’t heard or seen, my face is bald, which is weird, and cold. I’m thinking about doing a full-on beard next.

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