While Supplies Last!

A number of people have asked how it is they can get a hold of the short story recently accepted for publication. The short story entitled “Inside Out” is going to be featured in an anthology entitled Warmed and Bound, a compilation of short stories put together as part of the give away in the Redesign the Velvet fundraiser. For your contribution toward the fundraiser, depending on what you give, there are a number of rewards to be had.

For those of you interested in obtaining my short story, a $50 donation will net you a copy of the anthology in a .PDF format that can be used on any e-reader you might have. In the event that you don’t have an e-reader, you can save it on your computer and read from there. Now, with that being said, times are tough and $50 might be a little much for some of you. That’s fine. For a $25 donation, you can get five “random” short stories that are going to be featured in the anthology. In the event that you don’t want to risk it, I’m sure if you request my short story to be included in your reward, that can be arranged.

The goal that we’re trying to achieve is $2500. We have 12 days to get there. Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated as it is my internet-home. Thank you, and have a lovely day.

Now that we’re done with the marketing update, here’s what I’m up to:

– Picking nose
– Listening to music
– Daydreaming
– Scratching butt

Very little actual writing is getting done which is very disappointing as I’ve been battling a horrendous case of writer’s block when it comes to actual words that matter. I could sit here and blog and update my Twitter and Facebook accounts all freakin’ day long, but when it comes to plot and rising action, character development, all of the elements that make a nice little story, I’m bankrupt. So, that’s where we are with that right at the moment. So, I’m trying to combat that by reading. Right now I’ve got Out of Touch going, to be followed promptly by Stay God, and then a whole host of others if it comes to that.

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1 Response to While Supplies Last!

  1. Gordon says:

    You are a marketing wizard, sir. For a second there, I thought the story itself was called “While Supplies Last”… For those of you who need a little value-added, I, too will be featured alongside His Fergness in this wonderful collection, which just doubled its resale value.

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