The 30 Day Challenge (Maybe I’ll Find Myself Searching): Day 01

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts:
Hi, my name is Sean. You can read about me in me and The Grand History, HERE. The 30 Day Challenge is making the rounds on Facebook. Find it, try it, enjoy it.

01. I turn thirty in a few months and I hate it.
02. Despite getting older I’m still finding friendships that mean more to me now than friendships I’ve had in the past.
03. I’d love to write for a living, however my inability to finish anything I start thus far hinders that.
04. I like more pop music than I’ll ever admit to enjoying.
05. I once pooped on a VHS copy of Down Periscope for those that didn’t know.
06. I have itchy armpits.
07. I once had to have my butthole stitched back together.
08. Your inability to let go is my inability to have patience. My inability to let go is probably your fault.
09. On the surface, I’m perfect and always right. Inside, I’m garbage.
10. Spontaneity is a new hobby I’m thoroughly enjoying.
11. I miss Jason Donnelly.
12. I read books and have opinions on most of them. None of which comes to me fast enough.
13. For someone that can’t finish anything, finishing smoking isn’t something that’s coming as easy as I’d like.
14. I’m coming out of retirement this year. I’m going to concerts come Hell, high water, or a terrible case of crabs.
15. I want to win the lottery so I can be excessively eccentric in excess.

Tomorrow: Day 02: Meaning behind your blog name.
That should be easy enough…stay tuned.

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