The Final Push

There are just a couple of days to help fund The Velvet Redesign. Your contribution will go toward adding features to the website, funding a possible print run of Warmed & Bound, and anything else we might come up with. In the event that we exceed our goal, half of the profit will be donated to Child’s Play Charity, an organization that supplies video game consoles and games to children’s hospitals. The other half will go toward hosting and upkeep of The Velvet.

There are a number of rewards that can be earned with your donation. However, I’d like to highlight, once again, Hodgepodge of Stuff – Level 1 ($25 donation) and The Velvet Anthology ($50 donation). Hodgepodge of Stuff – Level 1 will net you five short stories at random, collected to create Warmed & Bound. My short story “Inside Out” is a part of this Anthology. As I’ve said before, if you really wanted to read my story, I’m sure that could be arranged as a part of the reward. The $50 donation will net you the entire collection of short stories (well over 200 pages of fantastic fiction) in any digital format you’d prefer. Again, included in that is my short story “Inside Out.” But here’s the kicker! Included in that collection is a new short story from Craig Clevenger and a new short story from Stephen Graham Jones.

Commence geek out.

That’s right, I’m being published amongst two of my heroes. I can’t describe to you how incredible a feeling that is for me. There are a number of other authors in this collection worth geeking out over, but I don’t know the particulars yet. Once I have a finalized track listing I will be posting that here.

In other news, I plan to have another short story finished this weekend, and I have my eyes on a destination. Submitting that will happen on Sunday.

The Velvet binds. Stay warmed and bound.

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