The 30 Day Challenge (None of Us Are Serial Killers): Day 04

Day 04: Your parents: Both of my jobs allow me to peek into the lives of people in need, physically, mentally, or for a lack of feeling safe. I get to find out how they live their lives, how they react under duress, and who is there for them in their time of need. I’d like to think that I’ve turned out pretty alright. I’ve never been under arrest, I don’t sell myself for money (although, I’m fairly certain sometimes I’d be more financially stable), and when life gets to be all crazy and life-like, I have at least a nice sense of humor to deal with things. But really, I was raised on Monty Python and Mystery Science Theater 3000, who couldn’t know how to crack a joke after that?

Despite practically being raised in church, the Christian lifestyle wasn’t exactly crammed down our throats. Yes, we had to abide by our parents wishes as kids, but there wasn’t too much of a fight to put up either. And as we got older we were allowed to make our own decisions and our own mistakes. We were allowed to have whatever friends we wanted, we always had a roof over our heads, food in the house, and clean clothes on our bodies. If we had some sort of concert or sporting event, there was usually at least one parent there, and when it came to education, they did their best to make sure it was a priority even though for us kids it really wasn’t. Music, movies, and literature was always around, and family family family.

Its kind of odd to think of them over the years, watching their hair get more gray and thin, their wrinkles get longer (mostly my sisters’ fault), and the way things were living under their roof. Although I kicked and screamed to prove to anyone watching that I wanted exactly the opposite, growing up, at least inside of my head, was a life long quest to make them proud. I haven’t always been able to do so, but I still try. I get closer to a milestone every day this year, and even still they’re no less parents than they were on the day I was pulled into the world. And for that I’m thankful, because even though I can wipe my own ass, sometimes I still need guidance or at least a little perspective, that reminder that I’m worth the hassle and to put myself first in most instances. Prepare to gag, but they’re more than my parents, they’re my friends.

Unrelated note: This is the second time Will Smith has appeared on this website.

Day 05: A song to match your mood:
Oh, I can’t wait to find out what song that is…stay tuned. Right now, its this:

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