FEER World Tour 2011 Kicks Off Wednesday!

In two days I’m getting kidnapped. I’ll be doing breakfast with some of the best company in the whole world, and then Sam and James (two brothers from other mothers) are coming to Jersey and throwing myself and whatever personal belongings I have prepared and accumulated in whatever luggage I’m able to fashion together with string and brown paper into a trunk. We’ll be headed down to North Carolina to finally see where it is that Sam lives and has lived for years, before he leaves it. There’s a pub crawl, a possible midget wrestling exposition, and additional beer in the works.

This will be the first stretch of FEER World Tour 2011, celebrating FErg and beER the very best way we know how. The next stretch of the tour will be happening with two stops in Pennsylvania at some point before it gets too hot to think (West Harrisburg-ish and Pittsburgh). Make sure you check back here and here and here for various debauchery updates as the this week’s stretch of the tour commences.

    In other news:

Mourning Goats will have a brand spanking new interview tomorrow: HERE
The Velvet Podcast has two new issues HERE and HERE
Stranger Will by Caleb J. Ross will be officially released on Friday. ORDER IT.
Speaking of world tours, you can follow his Stranger Will Tour for Strange by clicking HERE.
Rise Against‘s new album Endgame comes out tomorrow. Do it.

Hopefully, if I’m still alive this weekend I’ll be posting a review of Stay God (check it out in the left-hand column (better yet, buy it and read it for yourself) dum-dum), and then at some point when I get back from North Carolina, I’ll be moving and then catching Sucker Punch. Oh March, you are a busy, dirty girl. Oh, yea, and I’ll be finishing up my stupid EMT Core Class.

What else?

Right, sleep. Someday I’ll sleep. And I hope to have news about a new short story by the time I return, too. So, keep your eyes peeled for that, and possibly a guest spot elsewhere. Come back soon, come back often.

And remember, the light at the end of the tunnel, may be you…

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