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And I am Humbled…

Growing up I wanted to play professional baseball. Being in South Jersey in the 80’s, the choice was simple. Finish high school, go to training camp, and appear in the same batting line-up as, and grow a wicked mustache to … Continue reading

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Victimized – Richard Thomas

In the very near future, due to overpopulation on the planet and in our jails, the justice system is handling things in a much different way. There’s a more “hands on” punishment in Thomas’ Victimized. As the victim of a … Continue reading

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Stay Go_d – Nik Korpon

Damon owns and operates a pawn shop, ultimately, a front for selling drugs through a crafty system where it isn’t uncommon to see the haggard and decrepit walking out with Duran Duran’s Hypnotize in hand. Mary, Damon’s girlfriend, has a … Continue reading

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Sucker Punch

I absolutely detest Zack Snyder. He’s the guy responsible for that watercolor nightmare, 300, and the inspiration for Alan Moore’s deteriorating liver since directing The Watchmen. Very little came from either movie. Gerard Butler really launched his “acting” career with … Continue reading

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