And I am Humbled…

Worst Author Picture EVER!

Growing up I wanted to play professional baseball. Being in South Jersey in the 80’s, the choice was simple. Finish high school, go to training camp, and appear in the same batting line-up as, and grow a wicked mustache to mimic, Mike Schmidt. Endless days in the backyard and various parking lots and sections of side streets were spent narrating the play-by-play practices and make-shift games of Wiffleball with the worst impression of Harry Kalas that a kid could muster, but damn it that’s the way it was and we liked it.

As time progressed and the player’s strike diminished interest in baseball, music became a main focus in my life. Hours upon hours were spent in front of my ridiculous little boombox with lyrics sheets taped to my bookshelf, belting out songs to Aerosmith’s Get a Grip, Green Day’s Dookie, and Guns N’ Roses Use Your Illusion albums (there was a Boyz II Men album in there too, but you know…). Dreams of climbing on stage with U2 and the other bands I grew to love, performing songs with them, doing covers in their honor danced in my head when I slept. I sang in various choirs, joined and left a couple cover bands, and pretty much did nothing with my voice after high school.

Fast forward now to today. I’m an adult by age, not reputation, clearly. The focus of my attention and efforts have shifted to the written word. I’ve attempted numerous versions of various novels, written a number of short stories, and read enough bookshelves-worth of books to hurt yourself in an attempt to relocate to a new home (ask Dave Masker and Sean McCarthy, they’ll confirm this). During this time, I’ve gotten engrossed in the world of independent publishing presses and houses, befriending a number of authors that are just the absolute bee’s knees (That’s right, the bee’s knees. Don’t question it.).

Recently a website that I spend a lot of time on did a fundraiser and an anthology was put together called Warmed & Bound. The book was to be used as a thank you for the donations obtained through the fundraiser. I wrote a story, shopped it around for opinions and edits, tweaked it here and there, and then submitted the story in the hopes of being published again. Not only was my story accepted, but the list of other authors included in this anthology blows my mind. I feel like, not only am I back playing Wiffleball with my childhood friends, but Mike Schmidt’s in my backyard too. I feel like I’m in a band with my best friends and Bruce Springsteen just climbed on stage with us to perform his new song “Dermaphoria.” The final version of the table of contents for Warmed & Bound have finally been revealed today and I can hardly keep myself from doing backflips and peeing in my pants.

You can get more information and follow its progress as it journeys on toward the publisher: HERE

Warmed & Bound Table of Contents:
Death Juggler by Axel Taiari
Click-Clack by Caleb J. Ross
The World Was Clocks by Amanda Gowin
Mantodea by Matt Bell
All the Acid in the World by Gavin Pate
Crazy Love by Cameron Pierce
Chance the Dick by Paul G Tremblay
Soccer Moms and Pro Wrestler Dads by Bradley Sands
Take Arms Against a Sea by Mark Jaskowski
This Will All End Well by Nik Korpon
Midnight Souls by Christopher J Dwyer
The Tree of Life by Edward J Rathke
The Killer by Brian Evenson
Headshot by Gordon Highland
Inside Out by Sean Ferguson
Laws of Virulence by Jeremy Robert Johnson
Bruised Flesh by Craig Wallwork
Bad, Bad, Bad Bad Men by Craig Davidson
Three Theories on the Murder of John Wily by by J David Osborne
The Road Lester Took by Stephen Graham Jones
My German Daughter by Nic Young
What Was There Inside the Child by Blake Butler
Seed by Gayle Towell
They Take You by Kyle Minor
The Redemption of Garvey Flint by Vincent Louis Carrella
Blood Atonement by DeLeon DeMicoli
The Liberation of Edward Kellor by Anthony David Jacques
Act of Contrition by Craig Clevenger
Say Yes to Pleasure by Richard Thomas
The Weight of Consciousness by Tim Beverstock
If You Love Me by Doc O’Donnell
Touch by Pela Via
Love by JR Harlan
Practice by Bob Pastorella
Fading Glory by Brandon Tietz
Little Deaths by Gary Paul Libero
We Sing the Bawdy Electric by Rob Parker
In Exile by Chris Deal

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