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Every Shallow Cut – Tom Piccirilli

Sometimes, the idea behind a nameless protagonist is to make it easier for the reader to identify with him or her. For instance, my name is Sean. Rarely will you find a book where the main character was named Sean. … Continue reading

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Old Ghosts – Nik Korpon

Growing up I was enamored with a show called Homicide: Life on the Street. It followed a unit in the Baltimore police department, as they used their detective skills to solve murders, and their short tempers to argue even the … Continue reading

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Where Are My Sunglasses or I Loves Lists

With less than three weeks until doomsday, whether it be the predicted day where we all apparently see judgment (allegedly the 21st), or I turn thirty (unfortunately the 22nd), life goes on, for something or someone somewhere. I’m having a … Continue reading

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