The Vacancy of Your Shadow: Update #1 and Other Fun Stuff

What was originally going to be a short story has decidedly turned into something more. I’m not sure if I’m looking at a novella here, or a full-blown novel. The outline — yea, I did one of those, is pretty extensive. I’m not going to get into the whole “What’s it all about?” because really, mind your business. But the first draft of chapter one is written out. I’ll probably start on the second chapter tomorrow, sometime. The chapter clocks in at 1,562 words that could probably be cut significantly. There’s a lot of narration with very little dialogue, but that’s how it goes when you set the main character up to be, basically, a reclusive sociopath that pretends to have a house cat just to make it through the day.

Too, the title is probably going to change. It is a little — lofty, and I’m not sure it makes any sense. Anyhow, this is a call to my writer peeps. Who wants to LBL this mutha for me? I want you to just unleash upon it with the scrutiny of some sort of scrutinizing villain. If, perhaps one of you wants to ride along with me until I either finish this thing, or give up, maybe I’ll tell you what the plan is for this, or at least the premise. It’s sure to make you chuckle, that’s for sure.

Anyhow, how did we like the guest spot by Mr. Ross? Was that nice? There might be more of that.

For instance, the 15th, Wednesday, Mourning Goats will be posting an interview that I did on their behalf while they went on a little vacation. Perhaps I’ll get to do a bit more of that, which was fun, and the guy I interviewed is a good dude. Make sure you check that, and him, and his work out when it gets posted.

Don’t forget, July, Warmed And Bound is coming out. It is chock full of greatness, and a story of mine is in there, too. You’ll have either the paperback or the e-book option to shop for. The price is nice for the amount of awesome words and names contained within, so definitely get your hands on that.

I also have a short story finished (for the most part), I might run it by another person or two before I give it wings and see if anyone will publish it. Or maybe I’ll print it out, delete it from my computer, and eat the paper. I haven’t decided. Its rather personal, and I don’t know if I want it out there for the world to see.

And I have another short story started, but I need to do some research to get some facts right before I start flaunting that. It has to do with some local legends and I don’t want that out there and have someone close by read it and shake their fists at me. No one wants to be the next James Frey. Not even James Frey.

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