Being Warmed and Bound

The book is now available. What happened with Barnes & Noble on opening day? We rocked their sales for the day. What happened the next day? I can make a guess or two. Their answers don’t jive with our evidence and information, and getting straight answers out of their corporate employees is less productive than slamming your head into a brick wall. Just trust me on this. Where can you get a copy of Warmed and Bound: A Velvet Anthology? Click HERE for Powell’s or HERE for Amazon’s webstores. Where are the eBooks for your Kindle or Nook? They’re coming. It has turned out to be a nightmare of a process that a number of our people are working on tirelessly. When they’re available, we will let you know, I promise.

Now, when you come home and there’s a book on your doorstep in lovely brown packaging, be careful opening it up. Inside will be the hard work, with days and days of writing, editing, copy-editing, a layout process, debates on the look of the cover, and the heart and soul of at least forty different people by the time the first book left the printer. This book has been years in the making, months in the creation, and more months in the fine-tuning. Some of the authors have a number of books to their credit.

Craig Clevenger has The Contortionist’s Handbook and Dermaphoria to his name, as he works on his third. Stephen Graham Jones is in this book, too. Wait, you haven’t heard of him? How is that possible? The man is a machine! I’d list all of the pieces, books, collections, blogs, and reviews that the man has done, but just listing titles is enough to delay getting my own work done for at least a week. By then he’d have at least eight more projects finished. For instance, his latest novel Seven Spanish Angels was released today by Dzanc Books for all of your e-Book reading delights at a remarkable $7.99.

Remember the Oscar nominated movie for Best Picture last year, The Fighter? That movie was inspired by a book of the same name. The author, Craig Davidson? Yes, he’s in Warmed and Bound, also. One of the most brilliant novels of 2008, Serpent Box was written by a devoted and incredibly passionate author, Vincent Louis Carrella. He took time from his busy schedule of writing another novel (or maybe two) to create an entirely different world to be contained within the front and back cover of our anthology. And the list goes on and on.

The point is this, after you’re done reading Warmed and Bound, your work is not done, here. Pass the book along to someone else that might like it. Tell a friend, give copies out as gifts. If there were particular stories inside that you really liked, check out what else the author might have to offer. Just about all of the writers in this book has a website, or at least a social media webpage. You can find them linked from or along the right hand column of this very page. Some of us have our own books. Some of us just have stories floating out there in the cacophony of the internet, somewhere. Don’t stop with this book. None of us believe that we’re going to be millionaires with this project, that isn’t why we’re a part of it. We write, not for the money, but because it is what we love to do. Spread the word.

Stay warmed.

Stay bound.

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1 Response to Being Warmed and Bound

  1. Gordon says:

    You’re doing the lord’s work, Ferguson. Bless you and yours for helping us disseminate this killer anthology.

    But that’s not the same “The Fighter.” Both good, just different.

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