Praying for Nefarious Warships

The fine gentlemen at Nefarious Muse found enough kindness in their hearts to publish my story, Praying for Warships, today. So, a big thank you goes out to them. Another big thank you goes out to the people spreading the word and saying some very nice things about it, both friends and strangers seem to really be enjoying the story. An even bigger thanks goes out to the numerous people that have read and provided detailed input on the words, legendary number of commas, and the order of letters and spaces that are contained within. If I’ve forgotten people, I apologize. Warships really made the rounds, seeing far more drafts than anything I’ve ever written. Firstly, my lady in crime, Holli Avakian really beat the ever-living dog poo out of this story. She’s the one that saw the most drafts, did the most finger-wagging when I was hiding myself, and probably pulled a number of her hairs out when I refused. Matthew “Doc” O’Donnell also really ran this story through the ringer a time or two. His input was also priceless. And big thank yous to Tim Beverstock, Chris Deal, David Law, Simon West-Bulford, Bret Fowler, Amanda Gowin, and Paul Eckert. Most importantly, though, I need to thank my muse. She really is lovely, I wish her all of the best, and pray she finds everything she’s looking for. You can read Praying for Warships HERE

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