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As a Machine and Parts – Caleb J Ross

Every morning, Mitchell wakes beside his cougar girlfriend Marsha, to find that he’s more mechanical than the night before. This is neither a metaphor for sexual prowess, nor is he turning into the latest and greatest toasters of all time. … Continue reading

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The Average American Male – Chad Kultgen

The Average American Male follows a nameless character around Los Angeles, as he thinks with one part of his body from the first page of Chapter Two until the final page of the book. He spends most of the book … Continue reading

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Five Minutes of Your Time is All I Ask…

This is a really cool thing for a really cool lady and her really cool son. Do this and I’ll love you all just that much more…

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Our Lonely Earholes

There’s a fascinating conversation going on over at called “My Chinese Democracy List.” It is, essentially, lists of albums that we were promised, that never saw the light of day. They don’t mean albums from bands we’d love to … Continue reading

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