Our Lonely Earholes

There’s a fascinating conversation going on over at AP.net called “My Chinese Democracy List.” It is, essentially, lists of albums that we were promised, that never saw the light of day. They don’t mean albums from bands we’d love to hear just “one more” from, but albums that were actually started but never hit shelves/hard drives. There are countless albums like these, here’s my Top 5. What are yours?

1. DeftonesEros – Prior to bassist, Chi Cheng, getting into an accident and slipping into a coma that he has yet to defeat, Eros was in the works and was due to come out in the spring of 2009. Since his accident, the album was scrapped, a fund raising tour resulted, followed by Diamond Eyes. Eros was being described as the both “the most aggressive” and “the most experimental.”

2. Brand NewFight Off Your Demons – Nine demos leaked prior to The Devil & God Are Raging Inside Me that were referred to as an album called Fight Off Your Demons (the name of the band’s current website). Since the leaks, the album has fragmented into portions of other songs such as “Untitled #8” being reworked and mastered as “Sowing Season (Yeah!)” and “Untitled #6,” also known as “Mamas,” later became “Luca.” A number of others became songs we we’ve come to know and love on The Devil & God…, Daisy, and other assorted singles and B-Sides. However, as I’m a huge Brand New mark, I’d love to also hear what that album would have sounded like.

3. FinchWorld of Violence – What was supposed to be the band’s third full album following their self-titled EP, has been lost due to “broadened musical pallets [sic],” also the reason for the band’s final termination. A number of the songs that were to be on this album were performed life and mastered for a digital re-issue of the band’s EP, Finch.

4. My Chemical RomanceN/A – The album was due to be the follow-up to The Black Parade, and it was promised to be a stripped down punk album. Gerard Way was throwing around names of influential bands like The Stooges and The Misfits. They swore they’d drop the make-up and costumes, that they were getting back to the music and away from the drama and stage presence that made them who they were. And then they trashed it in favor of Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, 53 minutes and 56 seconds of audible garbage.

5. Fiona AppleExtraordinary Machine – Released on October 4, 2005, Extraordinary Machine was Apple’s third album, and the follow-up to When the Pawn… It was to mark her return after a hiatus of years when the singer/songwriter had moved to Los Angeles and wasn’t inspired to write any further. The album was also to serve as a distraction for Jon Brion, long-time Apple producer and friend, who had recently split with Mary Lynn Rajskub, an actress featured in Punch-Drunk Love, a movie he was scoring. Apple began writing and working with Brion on the album. It was then halted, rewritten and rerecorded without Brion for more of a mainstream appeal, working with Brian Kehew of The Moog Cookbook, Mike Elizondo, and ?uestlove of The Roots.

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