The Booked. Anthology Review 11: “Your Savior” by Axel Taiari

The human race is at war with its own creation in an epic battle of man versus machine, and boy howdy, are we getting romped! But you know, that’s kind of the point, right? I mean, why create something if there isn’t going to be some element of perfection. It’s the ultimate goal for which we strive, yea? Ultimately, we are our own undoing.

“Your Savior” is told from the point of view of the nucleus of the great machine. It explains the entire plot, lays out all of the battle plan, all of the while, keeps us up to date on the final invasion of our last and only hope. She’s a young girl with a gun and a specific set of skills. Taiari weaves a tale of complexity, creates a world of death and destruction, explains a view – we are the creator, we are the destroyer.

And as the girl continues to progress, we learn how important the machines are to the humans, how we need the machines. Without each other we have no purpose, and eventually we whither and die. Think of it this way, fire destroys forests at an alarming rate. Acres upon acres of trees go up in smoke every year because of an errant cigarette butt or a clumsy camper. But without that fire, in the event that that reset button is never hit, eventually the those woods can no longer produce. There needs to be an evolution, a revolution, or there will never be progress. Without the machines, we will never reach our evolutionary potential.

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