The Booked. Anthology Review 13: “Real, Live Ghosts” by Matthew C Funk

Scooby is the perpetrator of a carjacking gone wrong. We find him on the run, searching for solace like a rat scurrying from a flipped light switch. He finds himself in an apartment, playing up innocence and his young age just so he can safely get himself home to mom. From there, life for Scooby gets worse. Way, way worse.

Matthew C Funk came into the Booked. Podcast fold through a series of interviews to promote Noir at the Bar 2, a collection of short stories put together to help an independent bookstore. His piece included in The Booked. Anthology flexes Funk’s ability to create a suspenseful tension that is no less than maddening. His Scooby becomes a victim, and you whip-quick forget that he has recently killed in a failed attempt to steal a car. “Real, Live Ghosts” is a simple hunter becomes the hunted story, that reaches in and chills all of the important gizzards of its reader, without question, without mercy.

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